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 downforeveryoneorjustme.com  try that on for size. You’ll know if it really is or if it’s just your connection (heavy clouds?) ALL sites go down from time to time, things are man made so there will be issues.

Hosts for websites do have issues from time to time, whether updates, maintenance or sometimes things break. Please, be patient when life happens.

GoDaddy, my current host, causes my site to drop pretty much every time that they do updates. They do this during the night, so I do not know this until I wake, security, cpanel, etc. updates have to happen.


Yes, you can. When you hit the lost password button and you get the new one, place the cursor inside of the password box and then edit. Easy breezy!


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Some will and some won’t, depends on their importance.



     I used to go to areas in Mexico and had other places in mind but since the 1st night on my 1st trip to Jamaica, I was ruined for anywhere else. I found that my ‘ heaven on earth ‘ really did exist.

     I was a bit depressed that so many years had passed by and I just found it when one of the staff said, ‘ all things in due time, you weren’t ready’. Out loud I said, yeah guess you were right. But in my head I was like, nooooo, I’ve been needing a place like this all of my life. 

Want to go? Let me place in you contact, maybe get you a nice deal


April 2011 – Hedo 1

June 2011 – Hedo 2

Jan 2012 – Hedo 3

Puerto Rico 2012 date took me

October 2012 – Hedo 4

December 2012 – I earned this free stay @ Hedo 5

November 2013 – Hedo 6

December 2013 – Jan 2014   Hedo 7

Jan 2014 – Las Vegas Baby!

March 2014 – Hedo 8

May 2014 – Miami to hit swinger clubs

August 2014 – Palm Springs event

October 2014 – Cancun  – certified travel agent retreat

December 2014 – Hedo 9

February 2015 Hedo 10  swinger date took me

August 2015  Hedo 11 I took my then beau 

April 2016 Puerto Rico swinger date took me


Because I am not perfect!

     If videos won’t display as they should, so try a different browser. Just like filling out some forms online, you have to use a different browser 

     Not to mention, this is not company or sponsor funded, I do this on my own.


Sometimes you might catch me without makeup or no filter. To that I say, be happy about what you have. Things could very easily be worse. Lol, we all know that as we get older, we care less than we used to about what other people think. If one can’t understand that I am human and has the ability to look like a million bucks, but that I also have the ability to look like a million bucks in debt


#keepingit100 #notafraidtonotlookperfect #nofilter #beyourself #beconfident




Well, even though right click protect is on, some you you ‘ hobbyist ‘ have nothing else to do but get around that feature. YOU are the ones who ruin it for the rest. It is what it is, so I do that. Sorry. Such is life! I was even told face to face that ‘ I have all of your videos ‘ and my videos were not for sale at that time! That taught me. I can’t win them all but I can slow it down a little and limit the stories you can say about my stolen product by having my mark on them.

When I have my store the ones you buy won’t have the mark obstructing your view.


VeronicasWishlist.com Uh, wishlist, lol. I honestly appreciate it when you do this. ♥




FETISH FACTORY GIFT REGISTRY Thank you to my pets / subs / slaves



Thank the men who cheated on me when I was in my late 20’s! It hurt so much inside. You know how ‘young girls’ are. So serious. When dating the one you love cheats on you, it really hurts being guy or girl. I knew that I could not change men so I needed to see how I could accept this fact about men. I stopped dating to work on this.

I literally stopped the dating thing to work on how I could change myself within so it would not hurt. I started going to lesbian clubs when I lived in the dirty dirty, ATL., ‘ Hotlanta ‘ aka Atlanta, GA. It was a push from within to do it. I also went to gay clubs with my hair stylist. I used to do music videos, commercials, trade shows, co-starred in a B movie as the main characters squeeze… anyways, I digress. Finally taking the plunge at the lesbian bar I did the deed. One time digging a chick, I realize she was the lure, lol. Her guy was there and they were trolling! I said sure as long as he’s hot. YES! I went home with them. That was my 1st FFM. After that it was still about 6 months to a year before I allowed myself to be called a girlfriend again. I had to make sure that I was ok within with no fallout to cum later. Yes, men, your fault with a thank you. You helped me find me, early in life. Now that I am this way it’s hard to find men who will share. Can you believe that crap?! Well, tough cookies. I’ll find mine one day. I continue to go to nude place, lifestyle parties ect, just as others have found theirs, I’ll find mine. I guess I’m still seasoning for him or he is still getting seasoned for me, lol. I’d say hurry the fuck up but I am having fun in the meantime. But know that you are looking at it the wrong way, men, you should be seeing it as more pussy for you, legally! No fallout, no hiding and the best part is talking about it while fucking your woman. You don’t usually get that in a woman, so your cock is harder and we get an even better fuck. We respond to the better dick and it turns you on even more making your cock even harder…… are you catching my drift here? How can we make this better, see? I’m always trying to improve the fun. If ya gonna do something do it right. Don’t get me wrong, there are women who enjoy their men getting pounded by other women. As taught in 1st grade, sharing can be a wonderful thing! Yeah, yeah, not what they meant, I’m sure. I was born a perv, soon you’ll cum to understand that.  😎 So glad that I accepted that mentally and didn’t becum a psycho bitch instead! Ha!

At that time I had had a MMF before not while dating but just to say I was no stranger to freaky fun. I was born with

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